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Confessions of an Almost Heiress

August 01, 2019 2 min read

Confessions of an almost heiress

Founding member of Nouveau Riche Oblige

Confession time:  I was raised learning which fork was for salad and which glass was for wine.  My grandparents were the epitome of noblesse oblige, by virtue and by way they carried themself.  They were incredible people and I've always strived to be like them.  I still can hold my own when protocol dictates, but let's be honest- I'm American.  And unlike previous generations of my family, I was raised here.  I learned the rules from a young age, and then I learned to break them.  I eat my pizza with my hands, not a fork and knife.  I cross my legs the wrong direction and I'm okay with that.  Times have changed.  Logomania was considered a crime against fashion; now it's encouraged.  If you want to wear Versace, wear it with pride!  We earned.  Flaunt it!

Style is not reserved for the elite hiding in their mini mansions.  High fashion has hit the streets and is meant to be seen.  It's so meant to be seen that the street has become the canvas of Instagram.  We have new rules.    Our generation cares about the individual and the world, the micro and the macro spheres of social influence.  

The virtues of caring for those of less privilege still remains, but we are out to forge our own path and choose how we will go about doing so.  That's the spirit of nouveau riche oblige.  We have decided who we will, not by birthright but by outright determination, and we'll look good doing it.

So be Boujee.  Be extra.  Be yourself and take the world by storm.  Eat your pizza with your perfectly manicured hands, take a selfie, and hashtag #nouveauricheoblige because we love to see your beautiful self.

Nouveau Riche Oblige

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